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Posted on : December 28, 2008 Author : the-artists.org
Video art is an art form that uses moving pictures and audio data in the process of artistic expression. This movement started in the 1960s until the early part of 1970s. although the most common types of this art comes in the form of broadcast, gallery, video tapes, DVD discs, today’s newer technologies allowed for video installations and a more complicated mode of video art expression.

Video Art by David Hall


Video art started in 1958 when Wolf Vostell incorporated a TV set in his Black Room Cycle installation. His creativity was then imitated by other artists like Nam June Paik, Fred Forest, and Peter Campus, during their respective reigns as world-famous artists. Video art become very popular in the US in 1971 when electronic music was combined with video artworks then showed to the public.

Initially, video art is presented in an 8 or 16mm film with no instant playback. Right now, digital video art is highly preferred, as it allowed for video editing and modification. Video art also became very popular in the UK.

Video art by Anthony O’Neil

Legacy and Influences

Video art comes in two varieties, the installation type and the single-channel type. Single channel video arts are identified with televisions and cinema screens, as the videos are commonly played using these media. In the installation type, the artwork is placed in an environment. The pieces of the video will be presented separately or in combination with sculpture or any other traditional art form or media.

Contemporary contributions from different industries such as architecture, electronic art, and video performances can be integrated into this particular art form. The evolution and revolution of digital art is highly dependent on the current technologies.

Video Art Exhibit at the ‘Centre Pompidou’

Famous Artworks

Aside from Wolf Vostell’s Black Room Cycle installation in 1958, the other famous video art creations are ‘Double Vision’ by Peter Campus; ‘Wipe Cycle’ by Frank Gillette and Ira Scheneider; and ‘Facing a Family’ by Valie Export.

In the US, there is a video series called ‘Videoviews’ that was shown through the San Jose State TV studio. It celebrated video art in its most plausible form. This video art show ran from 1970 all the way to 1974, and was produced by Willoughby Sharp. Sharp is also the artist who curated the video exhibition show ‘Body Works’ that was held in 1970.

Famous Artists

Some of the notable video artists of 1970 are Bill Viola, Nan Hoover, and Gary Hill. Matthew Barney, who is the artist behind Cremaster Cycle, is the most popular American Video artist to date. The other fellows who had provided impressive contributions to the movement include Eija Liisa Ahtila, Fred Forest, David Hall, Tony Oursler, Paul Pfeiffer, Mary Lucier, Stan Douglas, and Shaun Wilson, among others.

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