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Graffiti or “Street Art” has been a significant art form for more than 20 years, altering and shaping the urban landscape from Tokyo to Paris, Los Angeles to Sydney, Belfast to Berlin. Ever-changing and evolving, its anonymous, transient nature means it literally can appear one day and disappear the next. Yet out of this shifting mass of spray paint, some true stars have emerged—artists such as Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Banksy—as well as countless unsung heroes who have taken the form to new heights.
Post-It War
Street Art Artists:A-One, Banksy, Gary Baseman, Jean Michel Basquiat, Jean-Charles Blais, Francois Boisrond, Combas, Robert, Cutrone, Ronnie, Zhang Dali, Dzine, Gajin Fujita, Futura 2000, Speedy Graphito, Rodney Alan Greenblat, Keith Haring, Louis Jammes, Hugo Kaagman, Rammellzee, Herve di Rosa, Kenny Scharf, Swoon, Catherine Viollet

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Ever since hip-hop and punk music rose from the ashes of urban blight to become two of the most potent youth culture movements of the twentieth century, the world’s streets have taken center stage as vibrant sites of creativity. And in less than a generation, thanks to ease of travel and the Internet, a new global street culture has emerged, bringing all of the world’s diverse subcultures and modes of urban expression together: graffiti, skateboarding and bike messengering, DJing, offbeat fashion, gang life, music, as well as design, photography, and other more traditional visual art.

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