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Posted on : December 28, 2008 Author : the-artists.org

Artists are always attempting to fix an image onto a surface. Photography is one of the more permanent techniques of doing so.  As opposed to a charcoal drawing, or even an oil painting which would fade with time, photographs are relatively more permanent.
Since the 4th century, in countries like China and Greece, scientific discoveries had been made which allowed artists to fix and retain an image onto a surface.
The camera obscura, (which is Latin for “dark chamber”) is said to date back to ancient China. It is a box with a hole in it which allows light to go through. It projects a laterally reversed image, upside down onto a page. But this image was not permanent.
We can say that photography began in the 1820’s, because it was then, when scientists and inventors discovered various techniques to retain the image onto the page. All photographs were originally monochrome, or black and white, but in the mid 1800’s color photography was explored.
Since then many different techniques have been tried and tested by photographers. In modern times, since 1981 to be precise, digital photography was developed. This moved photography out of the hands of the professionals and into the hands of the consumer. Today, photography technology is so advanced, that anyone can easily capture an image, in all its detail with just the click of a button.

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