Nadezda Petrovic

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The artist Nadezda Petrovic
Born 1873, Cacku, Yugoslavia.
Died 1915, , .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Impressionism,

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nadezda petrovic
Already in 1900 her first solo exhibition of paintings was held in Belgrade. In 1901 started working in the studio of Julius Exter in Munich. From 1904 worked in Serbia on organisation of The First Yugoslav Art Exhibition, founding of Lada Artistic Association and The First Yugoslav Art Colony (Sicevo, Pirot 1905). To 1912 exhibited works in numerous exhibitions: Lada Exhibition 1906, The Yugoslav Art Colony Exhibition 1907, Serbian Art Association Exhibition in 1908, second solo exhibition in Ljubljana 1910, same year in Paris at Autumn Salon and in Zagreb with Medulic Art Group. Following year she exhibited her works in Serbian Pavilion at The World Exhibition in Rome, International Union Exhibition and Autumn Salon in Paris…

nadezda petrovic

nadezda petrovic

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