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The artist Luuk Wilmering
Born 1957, Haarlem, Netherlands.
Lives and works in Haarlem, .
Style and technique of the artist: Photography, Collage,

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luuk wilmering
Luuk Wilmering (Haarlem, 1957) will show in his second solo show at Ellen de Bruijne Projects, his latest large scale (handcoloured) photographs, and his first complete slide installation. Over the years we could appreciate the work of Wilmering, by following his excellent eye for pathetic everyday moments, for the ironic self-portrait, and the poetic coincidences.

luuk wilmering
Is het de mens die zijn keuze gemaakt heeft
en niets anders nodig heeft dan zijn eigen naaktheid?
Of is het gewoon: Wegwezen!

luuk wilmering
Heimwee in Haarlem

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