(movement, 1948-present)

Homme-Temoin (Man as Witness). “A group of French artists who were united in their promotion of expressive Social Realism in opposition to the current schools of abstraction. They came to public noctice in 1948 when Michel de Gallard, Bernard Lorjou, Yvonne Mottet, Paul Rebeyrolle and Michel Thomson exhibited at the Gal. du Bac, Paris. They declared that ‘man is an eater of red meat, fried potatoes, fruit and cheese’, solidy rooted in the elementary material needs of daily life, and that his need in consequence was for true, authentic and direct pictures. They set the solid common sense of the populace against the refinements of the abstractionists who, engrossed in their purely pictorial problems, had lost contact with ordinary life . . . . “[Osborne, Harold, editor. The Oxford C ompanion to Twentieth-Century Art. Oxford University Press. 1988.

Homme-Temoin Artists

Paul Rebeyrolle
December 28, 2008 / By The Artists
Michel de Gallard
December 28, 2008 / By The Artists
Yvonne Mottet
December 28, 2008 / By The Artists
Bernard Lorjou
December 28, 2008 / By The Artists

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