Celebrating 25-year Anniversary of NeoPopRealsim Art Style Created by NADIA RUSS: 1989-2014 & 10-year Anniversary of the NeoPopRealist 10 canons for happier life: 2004-2014

Nadia Russ’ artworks, early 90s. From left to right:
1.”Girlfriends“, gouache/paper, 1993; 2. “Jazz“, gouache/paper, 1992; 3. “Metaphysical Portrait“, acrylic/canvas, 1992; 4. “The Play“, acrylic/canvas, 1991.

It is wide known that in our regular life, an average person uses only 16 percent of the brain’s gray matter. But to do something unique, doesn’t matter it is science or in visual arts, one must involve more than that. There are many training courses there that teach how to do it. Many artists simply rely on the drugs or alcohol trying to achieve this state of mind. Nadia Russ made it other way. She followed advice of the famous in Russia psychologist Anatoly Kashpirovski. In 1989, Kashpirovski had his program on TV. During his TV sessions, the ill people were recovering in a minute; Nadia Russ saw the miraculous disappearing of the scar at her aunt’s neck, result of the surgery, after her aunt participated in the Kashpirovski’s TV recovery sessions. Then, in 1989, the whole country was literally and figuratively glued to the TV sets during his program. One of those TV sessions was dedicated to creative people. Kashpirovski was teaching them how to destroy limits and remove restrictions, which prevent our brain function in a high creative mode, and to involve more than 16 percent of the gray matter that would help to achieve unique creative results. Nadia Russ followed his advise and it worked. The NeoPopRealism appeared same year, 1989. Today, those information on how to remove the limits and restrictions is included in every Nadia Russ’ art instructional book in a chapter “Get Inspired.”

First NeoPopRealist artworks Nadia Russ created in 1989. She used black ink pen on white paper. In 1992-1994, these her NeoPopRealist drawings appeared in magazine “Russian Justice”, illustrating the stories, which magazine published monthly. Later, more of her work were featured in many other publications in Ukraine, Russia, Bahamas, UK, and USA (see NeoPopRealism Journal: http://neopoprealismjournal.wikifoundry.com/page/Nadia+Russ/). In 1990, Nadia Russ participated with her drawings in a group art exhibition in Moscow’s Manege, the most prestigious exhibition place in Russia, located near Red Square. The following years, she was participating in more group exhibitions and had her solo shows in different countries.

In 1996, Nadia Russ flew to the Bahamas, where she spent 4 years creating and exhibiting her art, driving her convertible Mercedes under Caribbean sun that burns out your brains, eating fish and lobsters, and swimming with sharks. Eventually, she began to miss the metropolitan city’s life and flew to New York in 2000. The U.S. and NYC met her friendly and surrounded with the land’s sharks, who just loved her and everything she did. This love was almost fatal for her. But this is another story, which you can read in Nadia Russ’ autobiographical book “DECA-DaNCE,” ISBN: 978-0615655680.

Nadia Russ was continuing to draw and paint. January 4, 2003, she created a term for her new art style she created in 1989 – NeoPopRealism. The NeoPopRealism art style explores the deep and philosophical themes, combining the brightness and simplicity; it carries high energy colors and has graphic nature. In 2004, Nadia Russ created the NeoPopRealist philosophy for happier life with its 10 canons that work. These canons perfectly fit to our contemporary life and can make you feel great about self and even to be happy. You will find these canons in Nadia Russ’ website (www.nadiaruss.com) and in every book she authored.

In present time, the NeoPopRealism art style and philosophy for happier life went wide. Art teachers teach NeoPopRealism in the United States’ schools (see some links below) and abroad. In Brazil – the 3rd largest country in the world – February 2014, the text book in Portuguese “Artes – 4° ano – Unidade 2  – Ensino Fundamental I” will be published by Editora Poliedro Ltda; it will teach NeoPopRealism art style many little Brazilians. The copies will be distributed among schools’ art teachers. More yet to come!


– Foreman High School, 3235 N. Leclaire Ave. Chicago, IL 60641: http://foremanhs.org/foreman/attachments/article/568/COLOR%20SCHEMES_SEP24%20(1).pdf

– Bay School, 3200 Minnesota Ave., Panama City, FL, 32405. Student Art of the months – a piece of NeoPopRealism:

– Nadia Russ official website: www.nadiaruss.com

– NeoPopRealism Press official website: www.neopoprealism.org

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