Marilyn Monroe Exhibit at Eduard Planting Gallery

Marilyn Monroe

Unique photographs of actress Marilyn Monroe, the legendary sex icon of the 50s, were on display at Amsterdam’s Eduard Planting Gallery. The portraits are from two of her most famous photographers, Douglas Kirkland and Milton Greene.

Greene was born in New York and lived from 1922 to 1985. He is ranked among the top celebrity photographers of his time. He took pictures for fashion magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar, Town & Country, Look, and Vogue, as well as the prestigious American magazine, Life.

Kirkland, on the other hand, is a top photographer from Toronto. His works falls within the lines of fashion, portraiture, and photojournalism. Like Greene, he has worked for many reputable magazines for the entire length of his career, which spanned over 50 years.

The Eduard Planting Gallery called the exhibit “An Evening with Marilyn Monroe”. The photographs on display are among the thousands of images that the Greene and Kirkland took during their artist-subject relationship with Monroe from 1954 to 1961. The exhibit will run from January 9 until March 5, 2016.

Singapore Art Week Starts Today

Singapore Art Week

More than 80 events are lined up to celebrate the Singapore Art Week which officially starts today, January 16, 2016. Hometown artists will be at the thick of the events, with the likes of Sherman Ong, Robert Zhao Renhui, and Marvin Tang taking center stage during the main events. The works of Zhao will be featured in the prestigious Prudential Eye Awards exhibition, an impressive gallery that will also be unveiled come Saturday.

The Singapore Art Week’s two must-watch shows schedule are “Imaginary Homeland” and “Everest”. “Imaginary Homeland” opens on Jan 13. This exhibit features Boedi Widjaja’s outlook on the politics of Indonesia spanning 30 years. “Everest”, on the other hand, will open on January 20. The show is a collaboration of Sookoon and British designer Sorcha O’Raghallaigh. It will be a showcase of breath-taking sculptures, drawings, and videos.

The others that are worth checking out at the Singapore Art week are the installation entitled “Death By A Thousand Cuts” on January 14; “My Forest Has No Name” on January 16; “Freely” on January 17; and “Arc Of Uncertainties” on January 18.

Surreal Exhibit at The Palmer Museum of Art

Consciously Surreal

From January 12 to May 8, 2016, The Palmer Museum of Art in University Park, Pennsylvania will run the art exhibit entitled “Consciously Surreal: Photography, the Uncanny, and the Body.” The show will focus entirely on the periphery of modern-day surrealism presented in a variety of ways.

Some of the major contributors of this surreal art show are Manuel Alvarez Bravo, Robert Heinecken, and David Teplica. These artists are quite known for their works in reconstructing and deconstructing the human form. They will be joined by photography artists Bernal Siegel and Jerry Uelsmann, who will create portraits and landscape images that are perceived surreal or extremely differently from the ordinary.

Aside from the art shows, a talk will be held at the exhibition gallery on January 22 at 12:10 pm, lead by Art history graduate student Keri Mongelluzzo. On the other hand, Associate Professor Jonathan Eburne and Program Development Coordinator Amy Dupain Vashaw will serve as the curators for a series of film presentations compiled to match the Consciously Surreal theme scheduled every Thursday from February 11 to February 25, 2016.

Five Most Famous Works of Pablo Picasso

An esteemed Spanish painter, Pablo Picasso has won the respect and admiration of art enthusiasts in the world over. He has created various artworks, such as paintings, ceramics, and sculptures. He is also a playwright, poet, stage designer, and a printmaker. Below are five of his most valuable paintings.

1. Les Femmes d’ Alger (Women of Algiers)


This painting has an estimated value of almost $180 million. Created in 1955, this piece is among his late works. It is actually just one of a series of 15 drawings and paintings he created, which was inspired by a 1834 painting by Eugene Delacroix. Among the 15, it was the Version O that collected the highest interest at an auction. A Saudi Arabian royal family bought the artwork for their private collection.

2. La Reve (The Dream)


This is probably one of Picasso’s most famous masterpieces. When it comes to sensuality, the La Reve tops all of Picasso’s work. The painting is believed to be a special portrait of Picasso’s mistress, Marie-Therese Walter. This 1932 painting was sold at an astounding price of $155 million at a private sale between Steve Wynn and Steven A. Cohen.

3. “Nude, Green Leaves and Bust”


This well-celebrated Pablo Picasso masterpiece is yet another one that features his 22-year-old mistress, Marie-Therese. Created in 1932, this 5 feet tall painting is quite notable for its very vibrant blue and lilac colors. This artwork is so famous that it was sold at a very expensive price of US $106.5 million. It still holds the record of being the third priciest painting sold at an auction. Mrs. Sidney F. Brody bought the painting and kept it in her private collection. This Pablo Picasso work has never been shown to the public since 1961.

4. “Dora Maar au chat” (Dora Maar with Cat)


Pablo Picasso loved painting women, more particularly those whom he has a romantic relationship with. For this particular artwork, his subject was Dora Maar. She was his lover, muse, and work partner. The painting depicted her with a small cat on her shoulders. The canvas, which was created in 1941, measured 50.5 x 37.5 inches and was sold at an incredible price of $95.2 million to an anonymous buyer at a Sotheby auction.

5. “Garcon a la pipe” (Boy with a Pipe)


This masterpiece is one of Pablo Picasso’s earlier works. In fact, he was only 24 years old when he created it. It was painted during his Rose Period and not very long after he moved to Montmartre in Paris, France. The painting is a very vivid one, which depicts a boy with a garland of flowers on his head and a pipe in his left hand. Completed in 1905, this painting was worth a whopping $104.1 million at a Sotheby’s New York auction in May of 2004. While the buyer of the painting remained anonymous, the fact remained that it has surpassed the auction value of a Vincent van Gogh painting, which was the highest since 1990.

Art Fair Feature: The Winona Art Walk

Winona Art Work Art Fair

The recently-concluded Winona Art Walk became a melting pot of 20 local artists and almost a thousand shoppers. The weekend event was held at the Winona’s downtown area and it also featured handmade items on sale. There were also an art contest staged and the judges picked the winner based on the quality and uniqueness of the artist’s pieces. The art collections featured on the said art fair included copper jewellery, pottery, wood carvings, stained glass, soaps, and more. Also, there were artists who sold paintings, drawings, photography, prints and quilt designs.

The fair started at 10am and continued through 4pm. The weekend celebration was composed of different legs, one of which was held at the Minnesota Marine Art Museum. The art fair also graced places such as the Wesley United Methodist Church, Island City Gallery, Midwest Music Store, Teresa Schumaker Studio, and Regan Photography, among others.

The organizer of the Winona Art Walk was the Assistant Director of the Winona Historical Society, Jennifer Weaver. Basing on the event turnout, the art fair was a huge success.

Houston Art Films Featured at the Museum of Fine Arts

'Rubens The Spectacle of Life' Art Film

Several art films will be featured from May 5 to May 10, 2015 at the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston. At least one featured art film is scheduled for viewing everyday. Some of the choice films that made the cut include ‘Rubens: The Spectacle of Life’, ‘Wanted 18’, ‘Villa Touma’ and ‘Song of the Sea’.

The film ‘Rubens: The Spectacle of Life’ is presented in conjunction with the Spectacular Rubens exhibition. The film was produced by the Museo Nacional del Prado in cooperation with Angular Producciones and Centro de Estudios Europa Hispanica. On the other hand, both ‘Wanted 18’ and ‘Villa Touma’ were being shown in conjunction with the museum’s Houston Palestine Film Festival. These two films will run for 75 and 93 minutes, respectively.

This special film showing is expected to continue all the way to August, or even later. To check with the Metropolitan Fine Arts, Houston for scheduling and tickets please head here.

Call for Artists: Visions Art Contest II Edition

Visions Art Contest II Edition

The Malamegi Lab Art Foundation is extending a call for artists to join the Visions Art Contest II Edition. The competition was staged to help promote the works of enrolled artists and give them the chance to showcase their masterpieces in the international art market.

An international jury will be gathered together to select the works of 15 artists to become the contest’s finalists. All 15 works will be published in the “Visions Collection 2015” art catalog while the top three artworks will be bought by the foundation.

The contemporary art contest will accept entries until June 30, 2015. The Malamegi Lab is an art foundation under Malamegi, which is an artistic creativity and interior design company. Malamegi uses contemporary artworks to mold them into furnishing objects. The works of artists who have joined the contest have been featured on the contest website. For more information about the competition and to find out how to submit your entry, please visit the official contest page here.

Call for Personal Tales – Humans + Hybrids

Personal Tales

A call for artists to submit their works on the theme Personal Tales – Humans + Hybrids was extended in the attempt to explore the stories behind their best artworks. Photographers, video artists, painters, and art installation and performance experts are invited to join.

Winning works will be featured in an exhibition at the Palazzo Ca’Zanardi, an art house in Venice, Italy. The theme was selected with the intention of featuring the arts as a means of self-expression and a venue for artists to share a message. Such a message could come from a personal experience or any private tales they would like to talk about.

Entries will be accepted until May 20, 2015, while the exhibition is scheduled for June 3 to 13. The exhibit is sponsored by the It’s LIQUID Group, care of the Luca Curci Architects. For more information about the exhibition and for more details on how to submit your work, please visit the contest official site here.

Stars Flock at the 2015 Met Gala


2015 Met Gala

This annual fundraising event that is formally called the Costume Institute Gala is actually a fashion exhibit for the benefit of New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. As expected, big name celebrities made their traditional walk down the red carpet following this year’s theme China: Through the Looking Glass. The carpet was laid down on Monday, May 4, 2015 and stars in the likes of Beyonce, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian, to name a few, didn’t disappoint.

However, the star who took everybody else’s attention was model Cara Delevingne. She is the only one who sported a cherry blossom body art drawn craftily all over her body. Her temporary tattoos are most fitting for the event, and they looked subtle yet beautiful. They perfectly matched the classical Chinese painting that reminds the arrival of spring.

Last year, the same event that gives back to art raised a total of $12 million. It is expected that this year’s festivities will top that amount. The celebration revolving around the 2015 Met Gala will run until August. To know more about the 2015 Met Gala, check out Metropolitan Museum of Art here.

Islamic Art Exhibit at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Islamic Art 'Reclining Odalisque' by Lalla Essaydi

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) recently opened up an exhibit called ‘Islamic Art Now’. The exhibit showcases contemporary works from artists whose roots can be traced back to the Middle East. There were several art installations of contemporary art in the assigned galleries as well.

As many as 25 works were on display for the first leg of this two-part program. Some of the artists featured in the exhibit are Lalla Essaydi, Susan Hefuna, Mitra Tabrizian, Shirin Neshat, Barbad Golshiri, Wafaa Bilal, and Youseff Nabil. Linda Komardoff serves as the curator.

One of the most celebrated works in the exhibit is the very mysterious ‘Woman Behind Mashrabiya I’ by Egyptian-German artist Susan Hefuna. Another notable work is the ‘Reclining Odalisque’ by Moroccan photographer Lalla Essaydi, which shows a woman covered in calligraphy. Other impressive works include ‘Speechless’ by Iranian artist Shirin Neshat and ‘Tehran’ by Mitra Tabrizian.

For more information about the exhibit, please visit LACMA’s website here.

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