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The artist Bernar Venet
Born April 20 1941, Chateau-Saint-Auban, France.
Lives and works in New York, USA, .
Style and technique of the artist: Sculpture Objects, Printmakers, Conceptual Art,

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bernar venet
The energy in the room was electric as Venet described the evolution of his work. He says that change is a given; each piece is complete only when purchased. Cranes and cables are used to form the heavy, cold steel weighing up to 22 tons. The steel bars can snap before your eyes, quick and without warning, making the process a dangerous one. ”My life’s work is intended to be a contribution to the world born out of a deep knowledge of what has gone before in an honest attempt to do something that has never been seen,” Venet said…

bernar venet
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bernar venet

bernar venet
Bernar Venet est aujourd’hui un artiste internationalement connu. Ses sculptures ont été exposées sur tous les continents…

bernar venet
Bernar Venet zählt zu den herausragenden Bildhauern und Konzeptkünstlern der Gegenwart…

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