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Posted on : December 28, 2008 Author : the-artists.org
The Bauhaus (bou’hous’) school was founded in 1919 by the architect Walter Gropius in Weimar, Germany. It was shut down by the Nazis in 1933. The term Bauhaus literally means: “house of construction” or “School of Building.” The ideology of the school was utopian in nature – it wanted to combine all the arts, including architecture, into an ideal unity. It had a functional approach to building which was based upon a correlation between creative design and modern industry and science. Bauhaus

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  The school brought together artists, architects and designers, among them: Josef Albers, Herbert Bayer, Vasily Kandinsky and Paul Klee. These creative minds ignited an extraordinary conversation on the nature of art in the industrial age. They believed that the artist could no longer be satisfied with only a traditional and academic training, but that the basis of any art was to be found in handcraft. Indeed, artists and craftsmen directed classes and production together at the Bauhaus in Weimar. This was intended to remove any distinction between fine arts and applied arts. The Bauhaus style became one of the most influential currents in Modernist architecture and modern design.

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