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The artist Robert Rauschenberg
Born Oct 22 1925, Port Arthur, Texas, USA.
Lives and works in New York City and on Captiva Island, .
Died May 13 2008, , .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Pop Art, Collage, Assemblage, Beat Art, Praemium Imperiale Award, Documenta Kassel, Ready Made Art,

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This clip from his first choreographed performance, “Pelican” (1963), for me defines Robert Rauschenberg’s artistic legacy. It is open-minded, innovative, collaborative, experimental, and risk taking.  It is simple in its materials; it is beautiful in its end result.  This is only one aspect of Rauschenberg’s artistic career, but it sums up so many elements of his protean life..

Interview with the artist

Robert Rauschenberg was born Milton Rauschenberg on October 22, 1925, in Port Arthur, Texas. He began to study pharmacology at the University of Texas at Austin before being drafted into the United States navy, where he served as a neuropsychiatric technician in the navy hospital corps in San Diego…

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