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The artist Antoni Gaudi
Pseudonym: -I Cornet
Born June 25 1852, Reus, Baix Camp, Tarragona, Spain.
Died June 10 1926, Barcelona, .
Style and technique of the artist: Design, Architecture, Art Nouveau,

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Antoni Gaudi is one of the maximum exponents of modern architecture. Born in the south of Catalonia into a family of craftsmen, he studied and carried out most of his professional career in Barcelona, coinciding with a period of enormous commercial and industrial activity and a time of great identification with Catalan culture. His works, like those of all great artistic figures throughout history, do not only hold interest from the architectural point of view, but also in the fields of plastic, pictorial, and sculptural art, furniture and interior design.

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Antoni Gaudi
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Antoni Gaudi
This wooden clock represents the work of Spanish architect Antoní Gaudí, one of the most idiosyncratic practitioners of the Art Nouveau style. He created it in about 1909 for the Casa Milá, an apartment building he designed in Barcelona…

Antoni Gaudi
nternationally regarded as one of the best architects of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Antoni Gaudí brought about a genuine reappraisal of the applied arts…

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