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The artist Slaven Tolj
Born 1964, Dubrovnik, Croatia.
Style and technique of the artist: Sculpture Objects, Installation art,

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slaven tolj
"Nature & Society"

slaven tolj
…we cannot talk about an "ordinary" artist because, apart from being an author from Dubrovnik with an international reputation, he is also the director of the widely-renowned cultural center Art Workshop Lazareti, which has for 15 years been promoting in this part of Croatia and the world the most recent and the most vital of contemporary (visual, film, theaterÂ…) art…

slaven tolj
One World Southeast Europe, article: Slaven Tolj je ukratko naveo nedostake postojece kulturne politike u Dubrovniku….

slaven tolj

slaven tolj
So Beautiful, So Empty

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