Julie Umerle

Julie Umerle | the artist

The artist Julie Umerle
Born , Connecticut, USA.
Lives and works in London, UK, .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting,

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Julie Umerle

Julie Umerle
"The composition of Julie Umerle's paintings is determined by a combination of precision and chance. Materiality of paint and attention to surface is countered by a strong compositional element within the structure of the work. Layer upon layer of paint is built up, each layer intersecting with the previous.The canvases are multi- layered and slowly worked, allowing gravity to direct the flow of paint."

Julie Umerle
The recent paintings of Julie Umerle are inspired by her interest in chaos theory and fractals. She is interested in the discourse that the work establishes between artist's intervention and chance. These paintings address issues of freedom and control in handling of paint and medium; but are also about perception and call attention to the surface. They reference nature and evoke rain, water and air; they invite contemplation and individual response. Her paintings are multi-layered, and slowly worked.

Julie Umerle: Contemporary Artist | Artwork | Paintings
London-based contemporary artist and painter, Julie Umerle.

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