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The artist Costas Tsoclis
Born 1930, Athens, Greece.
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Sculpture Objects,

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costas tsoclis
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costas tsoclis
Tsoclis returns to Delphi, presenting for the first time his monumental installation "Peace". Once more he is battling with conflicting ideas to reach his final destination which is catharsis and placidity through conflict. Maybe, because he feels that peace is not godsend, but something that we need to conquer and preserve…

costas tsoclis
Costas Tsoclis รจ uno dei maggiori artisti greci viventi. (image of Installation)

costas tsoclis
He was born in Athens in 1930. He studied in the School of Fine Arts in Athens and then he continued his studied in Rome. The decade of 70's he lived in Paris and from 1984 he lives and works in Athens. He has exhibited in Athens, in Paris, in Cologne, in Milan, in Berlin, in Frankfurt, in Brussels, in Rome, in Stuttgart, in Seoul and in Los Angeles.

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