Bernard Lorjou

Bernard Lorjou | the artist

The artist Bernard Lorjou
Born 1908, , France.
Died 1986, , .
Style and technique of the artist: Homme-Temoin, Painting,

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Bernard Lorjou
L'arlequin au bouquet de fleurs' & 'PICHET DE FLEURS'

Bernard Lorjou
Bernard Lorjou was born in 1908. Touring Spain in 1931, he was much struck by the works of Velasquez and Goya. In the years that followed, his painting was influenced by social and political events, and from 1938 to 1944, he painted the horrors of war…

Bernard Lorjou
" landscape "

Bernard Lorjou
Créateur complet – peintre, sculpteur, graveur et céramiste – il est indéniable que Lorjou fait partie, comme l’affirme Daniel Wildenstein, des artistes les plus importants du siècle.

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