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8 Most Famous Paintings In Western Art
Throughout history, artists have made countless paintings. Many have undoubtedly inspired, enthralled, and possibly even changed the lives of viewers.[...]
The Golden Ratio In Art
Also known as the divine proportion and the golden mean, the golden ratio is a mathematical principle that can be[...]
Vic Vicini
Vic Vicini Born 1957, Detroit Mi, US. Lives and works in Livonia MI, US. Original still life, figurative and landscape[...]
Salvador Dali’s Greatest Artworks
Salvador Dali is best known for his painting “The Persistence of Memory”. It is the enigmatic artwork depicting melting clocks.[...]
Elenore Abbott’s Finest Works
For someone who is in love with modern day tales like Grimm’s Fairy Tales, Kidnapped and Robin Crusoe, Elenore Abott’s[...]
10 Weird and Ugly Paintings Worth Millions
Each artist has a very special way to express themselves. However, these expressions of art don’t always appeal to all[...]