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Author : Teresa Shantre presents French artist Cleo Posted on : November 20, 2012
Teresa Shantre presents French artist CleornrnCleo (1943 - 2007) rnrnThis pseudonym - Cleo, more precisely, abbreviation from her name and her family name - Clementina Cote. Thus she was known in communes “Children of flowers” and in Giverny and like this she signed her paintings. rnrnrn Cleo’s single greatest artistic debt is owed, without a doubt, to Claude Monet and Impressionism. This may not be initially apparent, but in the end it must be and was fully acknowledged.rn There

Author : Francois Mathieu Posted on : November 10, 2012
Recently deceased modern genius known as Francois Mathieu. Known for reviving a technique of Pointillism that has long ago been classified as a thing of the past and even taking it to bold new heights, Mathieu is the creator of a large body of truly vibrant, thought-provoking work that is simultaneously a nod to the neo-impressionists of the late 19th century and something completely fresh that has never been seen before.