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Author : Tracy Oliver Posted on : September 1, 2014
The Seattle Art Museum (SAM) is a world-class visual arts center established in 1933. The museum is very much a part of Seattle’s city landscape, thus making it a must-visit landmark for any artist, hobbyist, or even plain art lover. Its collection includes American, African, Asian, Ancient, and Australian Aboriginal arts, among others.1 Location The […]

Author : aRTPINKLIVE Posted on : January 18, 2014
Twenty five years ago, in 1989, in her Moscow’s apartment, Nadia Russ (aka Nadia Maloleneva) began her serious experiments with ink pen and brush. Knowing the art history and the past artists’ achievements, she had a goal to create a new art style of visual arts. She succeeded, the NeoPopRealisim was born then. Today, NeoPopRealism is 25!

Author : Dave Bown Projects Posted on : August 12, 2013
Jurors: Jeremy Adams, CUE Art Foundation, New York; Janet Dees, SITE Santa Fe; David S. Rubin, San Antonio Museum of Art.rnrnPrizes: $10,000 USD (1 artist will receive $5,000 USD and 5 artists will each receive $1,000 USD). Dave Bown Projects will be buying works of art from artists as submissions are received.rnrnSelection Process: Early entries are encouraged. Previewing will occur on a daily and weekly basis by Dave Bown Projects as submissions are received.

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Author : Andrea Benetti Posted on : August 7, 2012
Andrea Benetti in mostra a Siracusa nella galleria di arte contemporanea Montevergini con 42 opere scelte del periodo 2008/12

Author : Manfred Kielnhofer Posted on : December 21, 2011
The “Glowing Light Ball Bench” created by Manfred Kielnhofer was present at the Light Art Biennial.