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Author : Tracy Oliver Posted on : January 6, 2015
There are paintings that are admired because of how mysterious it looks, or the technicality behind the art, or the back story of the painting or simply because of its genius creator. Paintings are expressions turned to a work of art. Each person may see a different meaning and we may interpret a painting in […]

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Author : Tracy Oliver Posted on : November 2, 2014
Many art works have become the subject of controversy. These are the most contested art pieces that hounded artists, critics, and art followers all over the world. Some of these highly debated art works were removed while others were successfully reinstated. #10. Apollo Pavilion by Victor Pasmore Status: Reinstated Built in Durham County in England, […]

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Author : Tracy Oliver Posted on : October 30, 2014
This year, Northeast Ohio is celebrating a different kind of Octoberfest as they attempt to combine art and beer this time around. The official launch of this local art exhibit will be on October 11, 2014. Maria Neil Art Project and Gallery One Sixty are teaming up with Portside Brewery, Sterle’s food truck, and Edible […]

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Author : amnonb Posted on : October 19, 2014
In this YouTube video we invite you to view 500 Years of Female Portraits in Western Art. It is another remainder that woman are always an inspiration to famous artists and artists in general. Enjoy…

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Author : Tracy Oliver Posted on : October 18, 2014
A picture can indeed paint a thousand words… This has been a true testament to Italian artist Rachele Maistrello as she takes on an exhibit of the real-life and intimate pictures of her subjects. The pictures were taken in the private homes in the MSUM neighborhood where the users of the different platforms where invited […]

Author : Tracy Oliver Posted on : October 2, 2014
  The National Gallery of Art will hold an exhibition presenting the art collection of Paul Mellon and Ailsa Mellon Bruce. The collection  features artworks of the Impressionist and Post-Impressionist era. The collection will showcase the different  masterpieces such as landscapes, portraits, still-lifes, interiors and portraits of artists such as Claude Monet, Camille Pissarro, Pierre-Auguste […]

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Author : Tracy Oliver Posted on : September 23, 2014
Pixel of Identities is an international experimental video art festival to be held on October 10, 2014 in Museo del Almeria in Almeria, Spain. In line with this, the festival organizers are inviting all interested artists to send in their video art presentations and short films for inclusion in the exhibit’s meticulous selection process. The […]

Author : Tracy Oliver Posted on : September 23, 2014
The Young International Contest of Contemporary Art moves its deadline for submission of entries to October 9, 2014, thus making it still possible for all new, young, and upcoming artists to share their talent to the world. YICCA 2014 is a continuation of the same kind of art contest first held in 2009. This year, […]

Author : Tracy Oliver Posted on : September 23, 2014
German conceptual artist Wolfgang Laib is creating a new masterpiece for ART21, an art show which seventh season will debut on October 24, 2104 on PBS. He is currently busy making an artwork using the medium that he is most comfortable with – pollens. It is going to be a large blanket of yellow pollen […]

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Author : Longueville - Park Art Fair International Posted on : January 23, 2014
The PARK ART FAIR INTERNATIONAL© seeks high-level artistsrnfrom all over the world for an incredible international exhibitionrnfeaturing paintings, drawings, photography and computer creations.

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