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Author : Tracy Oliver Posted on : September 16, 2014
A picture can indeed paint a thousand words… This has been a true testament to Italian artist Rachele Maistrello as she takes on an exhibit of the real-life and intimate pictures of her subjects. The pictures were taken in the private homes in the MSUM neighborhood where the users of the different platforms where invited […]

Author : Tracy Oliver Posted on : September 1, 2014
The Seattle Art Museum (SAM) is a world-class visual arts center established in 1933. The museum is very much a part of Seattle’s city landscape, thus making it a must-visit landmark for any artist, hobbyist, or even plain art lover. Its collection includes American, African, Asian, Ancient, and Australian Aboriginal arts, among others.1 Location The […]

Author : Longueville - Park Art Fair International Posted on : January 23, 2014
The PARK ART FAIR INTERNATIONAL© seeks high-level artistsrnfrom all over the world for an incredible international exhibitionrnfeaturing paintings, drawings, photography and computer creations.

Author : the artists.org Posted on : December 19, 2013
The relationship between Jewish Art owners and Nazi's during World War 2 is a complicated affair. History tells us that Hitler destroyed many art works for being considered deviant. Much art was hidden or sold. The sale of art saved the fate of the Jewish owners from the concentration camps. But what happened to the art once the war was over?

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Author : James Bonnici Posted on : September 3, 2013
James Bonnici's art exhibition " In-between Space" Opening up on Friday 13th of September 2013 at the Dark Horse Experiment Gallery.

Author : FIER Institute Posted on : June 15, 2013
Our Congratulations goes to Michael Knapstein, winner of the 1st Edition of the Romantic Landscape and author of this image. The remaining winners and Honourable Mentions may be seen at www.theworldfamily.net/Announcements.rnrnWe are delighted to be able to present the 2nd Edition of the Romantic Landscape which is currently accepting early bird entries with an EB discount code.

Author : Cake Industries Posted on : April 11, 2013
Opening Friday 12th April 2013 6-9pmrnrnExhibition from 12th April - 4th May 2013rnrnFuture Relic.rnrnThe future isn't shiny and virtual.rnrnThe future is industrial, mechanical and broken.rnrnFuture technologies are built out of recycled parts from other outmoded machinery and equipment. Decay in these objects is a part of the daily experience.rnrnFuture Relic is a collection of some of these objects and these are their stories.

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Author : Henrique Matos Posted on : February 2, 2013
Portuguese painter.

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Author : Nina Tokhtaman Valetova Posted on : January 15, 2013
Oil paintings , digital art

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Author : Derek McCrea Posted on : September 4, 2012
Landscape seascape and flower watercolor paintings.

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