vilma gonzalez

vilma gonzalez
Born 1961, puerto rico, USA.
Lives and works in NJ, USA.


- - - - The world is full of extraordinary places, settings, and colors which permeate to the very soul. The canvas is a mere reflection of the interpretation of the interaction between imagery and the subconscious. - - - Vilma Gonzalez

Born in Puerto Rico, Vilma Gonzalez has begun her career in oil painting. As a featured artist, Gonzalez’s work first came into the public eye in 2002 at a Gala Exhibit held at the Hackensack Yacht Club. Her work was also displayed in Hoboken’s City Hall during the Annual Hoboken Artists’ Studio Tour of 2002, 2004, 2005 and 2006. Ms. Gonzalez was selected by the Amsterdam Whitney International Fine Art, Inc. Gallery and displayed her work at its Grand Gala Exhibit April 30 - May 25, 2004 and October 7 - November 1, 2005 where two of her phenomenal pieces of work were sold to New York City Collectors. Ms. Gonzalez also participated in showcasing her work at the NY International Independent Film and Art Festival at the NYC Crobar on the opening night, November 9, 2007. Gonzalez was also a Chelsea Global Showcase 2004 Competition Winner and has been featured in both local and national newspapers. Gonzalez for a short period was formally trained by a classic Russian artist, who recognized her talent immediately while she painted in a park one day. Due to her health, the training was for a short duration. Fortunately, the natural talent of Gonzalez continues to infuse various techniques into her traditional style, creating her own innovative collection. Ms. Gonzalez started her direction after a medical condition sidelined her from the fast-paced garment industry in New York City. Finding solace in the blank canvas, Gonzalez’s act of painting is therapeutic, which her family, friends, and observers find phenomenal! She currently makes her studio and home in New Jersey.