Paul Staite

Paul Staite
Born 1950 BirthEngland.
Lives and works in HomeLondon, UK.


An account of my life in terms of artistic development has a few interesting anecdotes from earlier years but realistically starts only four years ago. I will be sixty next June.

There is little point in attempting to stamp a conventional template on a timeline of creative development that has taken the best part of forty years to mature. What was missing from my late teens to my mid-fifties was commitment and the sheer hard graft and failure ratio needed to produce good work.

I understand these things now and for added good measure feelings of mortality ever more present in my life have provided an extra incentive to production. I have both now an urgency and perspective weighted by age and experience that I could never have found in youth.

Of course, painting is always a struggle. Today and surprisingly, I find myself revisiting the figure. This work is at an early stage and I hope it may be able to form part of the 2010 portfolio but it takes me back to a time at art school when I abandoned the figure in favour of symbolism. Then I found it too difficult to connect emotionally but not technically with the subject matter. I think now that it was too early for me to confidently express my feelings about the human condition.

I have deliberately reserved publication of the main body of my recent work until last year with the website; www. Painting has it’s own inexplicable timeline and I hope to update the site this year with sculpture and photography.

One Man Show Cockpit Theatre. London. NW6. 1980.
Work hanging in the British Medical Association Library. 1985.
Cable Street Studios Open Show. 1992.
Cosa Fine Arts. London. W11. 2004.