Isabel Macieira

Isabel Macieira
Born 1957 BirthLisboa, Portugal.
Lives and works in HomePrego, Tavira, Portugal.

( ‘India Driving’ video is from ‘higgums’, not from Isabel Macieira.)

Professional Activity:

Art teacher for basic school (third level), since 1983;

Author of several studies about regional and local paintings, publish in local newspapers and books;

Author of the book A Pintura Sacra em Tavira – séculos XV a XX, ed. CMT e Colibri, Lisbon, 2004, and the study A Ilha de Moçambique durante a Idade Moderna, a «cidade de pedra e cal», 2007, (not published).

rtistic activity and exhibitions:

1990 – Etching workshop with Bartolomeu dos Santos, in Casa das Artes, Tavira;

1998 – Jewellery workshop with teachers and students from «ARCO», supervised Fausto Maria Franci e Teresa Seabra.

1990/2000 –Several individual and collective exhibitions, in different Portuguese cities: Tavira, Castro Verde, Almada, Lisbon, Porto e Monsaraz.

2002 – Mural wall with stone elements – New market, Tavira;

2004 – Collective exhibition from the group «Cavalo Verde» – Tavira;

2005 – Collective show «Dolphins and Art» – Albufeira

Mural wall with stone elements – Dimpomar, Vila Viçosa;

Collective exhibition from the group «Cavalo Verde» – Tavira;

Collective exhibition «Fabricado em Tavira» – Tavira.

2006 – Individual exhibition – Casa de Cacela, Vila Nova de Cacela;

Collective exhibition «Fabricado em Tavira» – Tavira; Individual exhibition – A Ver Tavira, Tavira; Individual exhibition – Artebar, Faro.

2007 – Individual exhibition – Algarve University Library Atrium, Faro;

Individual exhibition – Casa André Pilarte, Tavira; Collective exhibition from the group «Cavalo Verde» – Tavira.