Kärsti Stiege

Kärsti Stiege
Born BirthSweden.
Lives and works in HomePortugal.


Kärsti Stiege, based in Sweden, established 1979. Freelancing photographer and author.
Published several books and produced many exhibitions for museums and galleries in Sweden and Portugal.
Editorial work for numerous magazines about culture, people, travel, food and environment

Collection of images of: India, Afghanistan, Nepal, Thailand, Marocko, USA, Portugal and Sweden.

Work in progress

“Meetings with Buddha” for Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities
“3XAfghanistan” in co-operation with the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan
“Teresa in my heart” – about a small mountain village in Portugal. For National Museum of Mediterranean and near Eastern antiquities.
“Meet Buddha” Photos from BodhGaya with poems from Dhammapada – Sayings of Buddha.
“My tibetan daughter” A lifelong relation with an orphan tibetan girl.