Born 1948 BirthGuangzhou, China.
Lives and works in HomeGuangzhou, China.

My name is Zhenlian, I am an artist from China,I was graduated from Teachers’Training College as an art teacher, I have taught at both Primary and Secondary schools in China, now I am retired,I devote all my time to paintings, in fact this is my most favorite pastime.
I did not have much formal training in painting, I am self-taught.
I like both oil paintings and Chinese paintings.
In oil paintings, I like the richness of the colours, I love to cover my canvas with a profusion of colours in their dream-like imageries. In Chinese paintings, I like to experiment with water and colour on paper which can produce very unexpected results.
All my paintings are not just simple reproductions of the real world, they are integrations of the real and the imaginative.