Born 1971 BirthNiksic, Montenegro.
Lives and works in HomeBelgrade, Serbia.

Vladislav Scepanovic was born 1971 in Niksic (Serbia and Montenegro). He finished primary and secondary school in Belgrade.
University of art, he finished 1994 in Cetinje, as a student in class of Professor Ratko Lalic.
Master studies, he finished at FPDU in Belgrade in class of Professor Gradimir Petrovic.
He works as an assistant at subject drawing and painting at FPDU in Belgrade.  He is a member of ULUCG from 1994.year.

Also, he is founder and the general editor of art association ART OF REALITY and a member of art group HARD SOC.
He is a member of HAPPY TEAM-a – council Happy Gallery in SKC in Belgrade. He is a winner of reward for painting for 2001year “BELI ANĐEO”, Mileseva 2001.
His active participation in the world of art began from 1994 and since then he is active participant in all domains of communication through exhibitions, organizing, as author and theoretical.  He is a member of concurs board at international art festival of SKC “Aprilski Susreti 2002” in Belgrade.
He held the exhibitions in Podgorica, Belgrade, Paris and London, as author, and participated at collective exhibitions, art galleries and when invited, at exhibitions in Belgrade, Podgorica, Budva, Sremski Karlovci, Vrsac and Paris.
As a student he participated in study exchange in /London, 1995, Paris, 1998…/
Vice-president of society of friendship “Serbia – Montenegro – Iran”.

He participated at several round tables about Islam and Euro-Asian integration. That subject makes the top of his interests.  Exhibition that should have taken place in gallery “Progres” was forbidden because of the alternative view of the world and showed how much there is lack of understanding toward different view of looking at Western culture.

The most important exhibitions and projects:

1. Painting exhibition, Gallery KNU, Belgrade, 1996

2. Painting exhibition, Gallery “Centar Savremene Umjetnosti”, Podgorica,  1996
3. Happy People, Painting exhibition, Happy Gallery of SKC, Belgrade, 24.IV-7.V 1998

4. Los Angeles-Beograd, /Jelena Markovic, Vladislav Šcepanovic, Srdan Žile Markovic/, Gallery ULUPUDS, Beograd, 9.VI-23.VI, 1998

5. Painting exhibition, “Jugoslovenski Kulturni Centar”, Paris, 1998

6. Art of Reality association, First yearly promotion, painting exhibition /HARD SOC., HYPE/, lecture “Umetnost realnih opasnosti(Art of reality danger) /M. PješcIc, S..Markovic/, “Pogon Doma Omladine” Belgrade, 7.VII 1999.

7. Art of Reality association, Second yearly promotion painting exhibition /HARD SOC., HYPE/, concert /Totalna Destrukcija, Supernaut/, film of Igor Simonovic “Stadion”, club Underground, Belgrade, 1.XI 1999

8. Shadow of your Paradise, HARD SOC., painting exhibition,/V.Šcepanovic,V.Markoski, Žile, M. Pješcic/, Gallery 73, Belgrade, 25.XI-15.XII 1999

9. Out of Reality, HARD SOC., HYPE, painting exhibition, gallery Belgrade, 11.V-25.V 2000

10. Art of Real Dangers, painting exhibition /HARD SOC., HYPE/, “IV Bijenale mladih”, Vršac, July-August, 2000

11. Art in interregnum, painting exhibition of group HARD SOC./V.Šcepanovic,V.Markoski, Žile,M.Pješcic/, SKC, Belgrade,17.XI-30.XI, 2000

12.  Pulp Fiction, exhibition Art Group HARD SOC./V.Šcepanovic, Z.Glamocak, S. Žile Markovic, M.Pješcic/, Gallery KCB, Belgrade, March 2001.

13.  Otvoreni Prostori, exhibition of students of FPUD, Belgrade, Happy Gallery SKC, Belgrade, February, 2001 Author of project: Vladislav Šcepanovic

14. Suzana Pajovic, objekti – Savremena crnogorska likovna scena, Happy Gallery SKC, April 2001. Author of project.

15. Marica Kuznjecov/ Đordije Boljevic, paintings – “Savremena crnogorska likovna scena”, Happy Gallery SKC, 19.06-30.06. 2001. Author of project.

16. Natalija uranovic paintings – “Savremena crnogorska likovna scena”, Happy Gallery SKC, 4 – 12. October 2001. Author of project.

17. Nenad Šoškic/ Auguste Rodin/ Marcel Duchamp, foto-instalacije- Savremena crnogorska likovna scena, Happy Gallery SKC, 1- 25. October 2001. Author of project.

18.  Humanitarian painting exhibition, Art Of Reality & Rotaract Belgrade, Gallery “Beograd”, Belgrade, 11.X- 20.X 2001. Author of project.

19.  Lecture, Walter Bergmoser /Weimar, Germany/, FPU Belgrade, 18.04.2002 Coordinator of project

20. “Žar«, Painting exhibition in art pavilion in Podgorica Novembar 2003.

21. “Žar2«,  the exhibition should have taken place in gallery »Progres«, but it had been forbiden because it was dedicated to Sadam Husein – February 2004
22. »45. oktobarski salon«  September 11th,  2004
23.  ‘occident mammons way’ exhibition in gallery SKC Belgrade january 2005.