Virtual Residency

Virtual Residency
Born 2007
Lives and works in HomeVölklingen, Germany, Völklingen, Germany.

Virtual Residency
A call to a virtual migration to the “Model House Europe”

25 May – 15 June 2007
Handwerkergasse at the World Heritage Site Völklinger Hütte, a branch of the School
of Fine Arts Saar

Migration of individuals or: The “Virtual Migration“

The dramatic political and social changes in Europe have been the catalyst for the multimedia and exhibition project The Virtual Residency.

On the Internet the media artists Bohr, Brieske, Huppert and Riethmüller calling on artists world wide to participate in a virtual “migration“. The answers will merge into a creative transit of images, motives and ideas which will lead to real exhibition venues in Europe.

The Virtual Residency uses the examination of the states of personal and collective destabilization as the actual, powerful engine of the migration movements: Hope, fear, dreams, necessities, distress, the wish and the will for change generate individual images. Through the call they receive a direction, through the Internet platform they will be made visible and find a domicile.
The Virtual Residency will expose these images to the political, social and cultural reality of different European cities. They will be realized as real multimedia installations in various exhibitions in Germany, France, Poland and Luxembourg from October 2006 to December 2007.
These materialized multimedia installations will then develop into digital exhibition venues. At the different European model houses web cams will be installed which will broadcast the images and sounds to the Internet platform thus making the exhibitions accessible to an audience worldwide.

Projection screen “Model House“.
Germany, France, Poland and Luxembourg

The Virtual Residency as a vivid and ramified media and communication art project is encompassing time and space and is constantly changing under the influence of its participants and partner institutions.

The project group and its partners in Germany and abroad are confident that they will be able to make an important contribution to European and international cooperation through artistic means.

Model houses

Handwerkergasse Völklingen (Germany)
Is part of the “World heritage site Völklinger Hütte – Europäisches Zentrum für Kunst und Industriekultur (European Center for art and industrial culture)“ as well as a branch of the School of Fine Arts Saar.
Curators: Monika Bohr, Claudia Brieske, Leslie Huppert, Gertrud Riethmüller

Galeria Biala, Centrum Kultury
Kuratoren: Anna Nawrot, Jan Gryka
Lublin (Poland)

Faux Mouvement, Centre d’Art Contemporain
Direction: Maryse Jeanguyot
Metz (France)

as well as
Casino Luxembourg, Forum d’art contemporain
Directeur artistique: Enrico Lunghi
Luxembourg (L)
The final presentation will be held on the premises of the Casino Luxembourg at the end of 2007.

„Model House“ Germany:
Selected artists

Australia: Kristefan Mitchell, Theresa Schuber   Grandmother Minski
Brazil: Ricardo Nascimento, authority
Columbia: Francisco Camacho, displaced
Czech Republic: Klára Nejezchlebová, meeting
Finland: Antti Kulonen, Novellikokoelma – short story collection
France: Société Realiste, EU Green Card Lottery
Germany: Arne Witt, Brackwasser / Steam-Punk #7
Germany/Poland: Gosia Hejnat, FOTOPATKI
Germany/Iran: Myriam Schahabian, Wherever there is me,  there is me aside
Ghana: Rasheed Olaniyi Akindiya, are we safe
Rita Fatric Bewong, SouthNorth.WestEast
Greece: Stefanos Pavlakis, Dictionary of Departures and Becoming
India: Inder Salim, possible HALLE-WALLEY
(for homeless people in Halle)
Israel: Efrat Zehavi, Migrate Studio – the pass-  portraits project
Japan: Takahiro Suzuki, ikiro project
Malta: Norbert Francis Attard,
New Zealand: Brit Bunkley, Rural New Zealand Immigrant
John Bucklow, Parallel
Poland: Artur Rychlicki, Travellers
Marek Wasilewski, Polish Forest
Romania: Calin Man, Esoth Eric [v.7]
Spain: Alvaro Ardevol, Uno vive entre gentes   pomposas – Clarinete ibérico
United Kingdom: Daniel Hopkins, Fields that speak
David Titley, Sorry I am Lost!
Kevin McCourt, XYZ010 Project
Martin John Callanan, Location of I (a   proposal)
Michael Cousin, Any Space Whatever
United States: Bogdan Perzynski, 52 42 N 23 52 E
Matthew Ostrowski, Spectral City
Serbia: Nenad Nedeljkow, The passing