Vasyl Dzhabraylov

Vasyl Dzhabraylov
Born 1958 BirthKoroleve, Transkarpatia, Ukraine.
Lives and works in HomeSatu Mare, Romania.

My works were based on the Traditional Art Understanding . At present I want to begin new ideas which will consist of   MUSIC/performance/+ ARCHITECTURE/forms/+

Name: Vasyl Dzhabraylov

1958-born in Ukraine
1973-1977-Art College,painting;Uzhgorod,Ukraine
1980-1985-Art Institute,sculpture;Kharkov,Ukraine
1987-1990-participated for 8 Republican Exhibitions in Kiev,Ukraine
1990-became the member of Artists Union of Ukraine
1990-participated in International Sculpture Symposium,Marble;Vladikavkaz,USSR
1992-delegate to The First Congress of Artists Union of Ukraine
1992-1993-professor on sculpture at The State Pedagogical Institute,Rovno,Ukraine
1995-personal exhibition:sculpture,graphica;Rovno,Ukraine
1996-moved in Romania,Satu Mare
2001-participated in International Sculpture Symposium,‘Carbunar2001’,Romania, website http//
2003-exhibition,painting;Satu Mare
2004-exhibition,painting;Satu Mare
2004-is listed on the website http//
2005-one-man show:painting; ‘BankTIRIAC’,SatuMare,Romania/February/
2005 – personalexhibitionpainting,sculpture;Gallery"NOVA", Oradea,Romania/October/
2005-groupe exhibition with local artists /sculpture/;Oradea,Romania/November/
2005-groupe exhibition ‘Galleria Elisabetta Bresciani’ Italy, Brescia /December/
Website http//
2006-groupe exhibition ‘Museum of Satu Mare’/January/
2006- invited for Visual Artists Exhibition / The James Brown ‘Soul of America’
Music Festival /  Augusta, Georgia USA;  May 2006. Website http//
2006-invited for SMALL FORMAT exhibition 2nd to the 22nd of December 2006 / invitation /
Kunst-Forum-International head officies, http//
2007- – listed to participate at Trapani 2007, Italy/Sicily/ – July, 2007
2007 – – Symposium International de Sculpture de Morges / Switherland / – June, 2007
2007 – Participating Sculptor Websites "Brilliant Dimensions" Invitational with Gateway Candidates - / USA / – April, 2007

Preferable materials:marble,wood,stone,granite
Projected and executived 5 public monumental sculpture works

Works in private collections:Austria,Italy,Germany,USA, England,Ukraine,Romania,France,Belgium

My works can be seen on website: http//