Tyler Francks

Tyler Francks
Born 1966
Lives and works in HomeGuelph, ON , Canada.

Rendering the abstract, natural and spiritual in a direct experience of life and art, I have been carving since 2002.
Artist Statement: "In my art, I am compelled by nature, myth, interrelationship and personal evolution. I do like to keep a sense of humour about it all, though I am ardent. Above all things, I just want to bring goodness into the world – it needs more."
Tippy Canoe Stone Arts Studio: I have an excellent studio space in Guelph, ON. which is terribly dusty and perfectly homey. (Thanks Dave!)
Sculpture Style & Stone: Specializing in carving limestone and soapstone; rendering functional, spiritual and artistic designs. I also create pendants in soapstone for those who all willing to embrace fragility smile