Tristan Hutchinson

Tristan Hutchinson
Born 1980 BirthNottingham, UK.
Lives and works in HomeDublin, Ireland.

Based in Dublin and exhibited widely in UK, Ireland and Europe,
Video / installation artist, writer and Documentary filmmaker based in Dublin, Ireland.  Works with 8mm, 35mm and Video and explores the juxtaposition of elements – man and nature, curiosness and knowledge, fact and fiction and wonder / imagination.  Also looks at the spaces and conditions of cinema, theatre and the conventions of the gallery – essentially ordinary places that deal with imagination and magic. Collaborates with The Solas Group (Ire) and UK based musician Tom Hill.

BA Hons Fine Art, Nottingham Trent University, UK

~Instants Vidéo Numériques et Poétiques in Marseille, France, November 2007, screening of ‘Archive’
~One Minute Film Festival, Aarau, Switzerland, August 2007
~MART Outdoor Video Event, June 2007 Galway City Museum, Ireland
~Art Expo, Lithuania, June, 2007
~Langsett International Film Festival 2007, Sheffield, ’Are you feeding your Baby?’ Collboration with Tom Hill
~You Are Here Festival, Nottingham UK, 2003 Short Film Collaboration with Jim Boxall
~Nottingham Trent University Degree Show, Nottingham 2002
~Turtle Arts Gallery, ’Jumble Sale’ Group Show 2001,
~In The Frame, Young Filmmakers, Broadway, July 2001
~Trampoline, Broadway, Nottingham, 2000, 2001