Trevor Borg

Trevor Borg
Born 1976 BirthMalta, Malta.
Lives and works in HomeMalta, Malta.

Trevor Borg was born in 1976 in the small Mediterranean island of Malta. In 1992 he enrolled at the Centre of Art and Design Studies in his homeland from where he obtained a Diploma in 1996. Soon afterwards he read for a degree course at the University of Malta from where he graduated with a BA(Hons).

The artist is highly influenced by the Mediterranean culture and the interplay of light, shades and colour as amplified by the strong, warm Maltese sun. He is also fascinated by the deep blue tones of the Mediterranean sea that surrounds the island. All these influences are evident in the palette the artist employs to convey his visual messages. He describes his work as a continuous narrative of his inner feelings, thoughts and comments, imbued with social as well as cultural influences represented in the form of a creative visual research journey.

Personal Exhibitions

1999 – Exhibition of works at Vino Veritas – Sliema, Malta

2002 – Exhibition of abstract works entitled ‘Blackout’ at the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Valletta

2003 – Exhibition of landscapes entitled ‘Common Ground’ at Cleland & Souchet, Portomaso Hilton, Malta

2007 – Exhibition of works entitled ‘Open Verse’ at St James Cavalier, Centre of Creativity, Malta

Exhibitions abroad

2004 – Museum Küppersmühle Duisburg,Germany
2004 – Künstlerhaus Wien, Austria
2005 – Museum voor Moderne Kunst Oostende, Belgium
2005 – Kunsthalle Mannheim, Germany
2006 – Museu Arxiu de Montblanc, Spain

2004 – Chosen by the Ministry for Tourism and Culture to represent his country at ’The New Ten’ contemporary art exhibition in Germany, on the occassion of Malta’s accession into the European Union.