Tracey Creighton

Tracey Creighton
Born 1960 BirthBrisbane, Australia.
Lives and works in HomeMerimbula, Australia.

Artist Statement

I am forever grateful for the influence of my grandmother, who I witnessed from a very early age painting for sheer pleasure. Patiently she would add layers of colour to finally reveal the most beautiful images of delicate roses or moody landscapes. Watching her enabled me to be drawn into the whole process of creating, developing and producing beautiful images full of life and soul.

When I approach my easel to paint I am excited by the prospects of what I might create, colours I will use and what technique will best express the mood of the painting. It is the most joyous journey I can think to be on. I hope collectors of my work will feel like they have taken the journey with me.

Creative Background

Australian born artist Tracey Creighton knew early in life she was destined for a career in art. At the age of 16, she attended the Queensland College of Art and completed a 3 year Commercial Illustration Course.

Tracey went on to work as a graphic artist, and in 1982 established Queensland’s first private commercial art college in Brisbane, opening a branch on the Gold Coast in 1989.  Fourteen years later, preparing for an impending move to America with her family, she decided it was time to sell her business.

It bought about a whole new direction in her artistic life.  After arriving in the United States, having now discovered a love for painting, she promptly enrolled in classes with prominent contemporary artist, Chris Gwaltney. 
Tracey’s first exhibition was in Newport Beach, California which was a culmination of 27 oil paintings completed during the 6 months she resided in America. 

Since returning to Australia in 1998, Tracey has held a number of exhibitions including one on Hamilton Island, where she was invited to teach art classes to guests at the resort.

Tracey works from her gallery, Boardwalkart in Merimbula on the Far South Coast of New South Wales where she continues to develop her style and technique, exploring the unlimited capabilities of oils, acrylic and mixed medium.  Whatever the subject, each painting reflects a vibrant kaleidoscope of colour ensuring every canvas comes to life in its own unique way. 
One thing Tracey’s formative years in advertising taught her was to be diverse. She is constantly developing her techniques, exploring all her creative options, and finding new ways to interpret the world the way she sees it. She doesn’t limit herself to any one style, colour palette or subject, instead she revels in the whole creative process making each painting as individual as the next.

Her very distinctive ‘Raked’ paintings and ‘Sculptured’ paintings are highly sought after by collectors, but these make up just two of the techniques Tracey has developed over the last decade.


Winner of a number of regional art awards, a prize winner and finalist in national landscape competitions, as well as a featured artist in the Australian Artist magazine, Tracey Creighton paints from the core of her existence. She finds inspiration in all things and her paintings depict a diverse range of techniques, style, and colour.

She has held exhibitions of her work in the United States of America, Hamilton Island -Queensland, and NSW, with paintings currently on display in Sydney, and a select number of galleries on the Far South Coast, NSW, Australia.