Tilleke Schwarz

Tilleke Schwarz
Born 1946 BirthWinterswijk, Netherlands.
Lives and works in HomePijnacker, Netherlands.

My work can be understood as a kind of visual poetry. It is a mixture of contemporary influences, graffiti, icons, texts and images from traditional samplers. The work contains narrative elements. Not really complete stories, with a beginning, a storyline, and an end.
On the contrary, the narrative structures are used as a form of communication with the viewer.
The viewer is invited to decipher connections or to create them.
The viewer may assemble the stories and to produce chronological and causal structures. Actually the viewer might step into the role of the "author". It can become a kind of play between the viewer and me. The work also related to the history of humanity that is determined through stories.

The humor in my work is typical for my Jewish background:  a mixture of a laugh and a tear.
Folkart and daily life are great sources for inspiration. I love textiles because of its tactile looks.
Textile generally has a more intimate relationship with the public and is very suitable
to communicate emotions.

Aside from embroidery I work in mixed media and I am professionally active in making
drawings and paintings

Welcome to my retrospective in museum Rijswijk in The Netherlands. From February 16th till march 30th 2008. For details: www.museumryswyk.nl