Suzan Wolters

Suzan Wolters
Born 1958 BirthVreeland, Netherlands.
Lives and works in HomeEpe, Netherlands.

“Oversized” Women
The weather and seasons have a clear influence on the senses of humour of most people. Though the weather in the Netherlands is not always cause for happiness, the paintings of Suzan Wolters most certainly are. 
When looking at the paintings of Suzan Wolters, the sky breaks open as laughing, sizable women in an atmosphere of sun, sea and beach give short shrift to any feeling of depression. 
In combination with her good-humoured, chubby ladies, Suzan plays with the cliché that happy people and a vacation atmosphere give a positive feeling and joy in life.

Dutch citizen Suzan (1958) comes honestly by her creative talent. Her mother Niesje, as a young girl, was educated at a school for graphic design and later at the Art Academy. Her father, Max, also followed an education in graphics. 
You could say it had been genetically determined. Suzan also started at a young age in modelling and painting. Suzan won various prizes with her modelling work at trade fairs in New York; her sculptures are popular in Japan, Australia, Russia, America and Europe.
Suzan’s work is filled with humour, joy and happiness and is very open as a result of that. For both her sculptures and her paintings Suzan consciously shows positive subjects, which has everything to do with Suzan’s outlook on life. Her preference for painting sizable figures is stylistically motivated and obviously a positive statement of their splendour. Suzan’s paintings celebrate the natural beauty and diversity of sizes and shapes. The chubby ladies are often accompanied by a cute looking dog.
“Adding a little dog is only natural; the dog brings emotion and movement into the painting. It is essential to me that a piece of art is a source of positive energy. 
If someone looks at a painting and experiences the same sense of happiness that I experienced when painting it, then I have achieved my goal!”
Suzan paints with acrylic paint on canvas and is a fulltime artist and have been for the past 25 years.

A number of paintings are also offered in high-quality ‘Giclée Fine Art’.
This manner of reproduction makes it possible to hang a piece of art on your wall at an affordable price. It also serves as an alternative if the original piece of art has already been sold but you still want to have a reproduction. The reproduction is of museum quality and is printed on canvas in limited editions, assuring exclusivity.
Interested parties can contact Suzan Wolters.
Tel: (0031) 578 628767