Stanford Slutsky

Stanford Slutsky
Born 1941 BirthPittsburg, PA,, USA..
Lives and works in HomeDelray Beach, Florida,, USA..

The Mathematics of Creativity

A commentary on the artwork of artist Stanford SlutskyÖ

To fully appreciate the talent of artist Stanford Slutsky, it helps to have paid at least a little attention in math class.  Stanís use of geometric shapes bends the mind as well as challenges the eye.  Using basic shapes, and blending the shapes with fabulous hues of varying color shades, Stan creates a sense of motion and wonder in all of his designs.  Simple shapes are combined and arrayed in patterns that move and change before a viewer; complex optical illusions, all dependent upon Stanís amazing grasp of geometric, mathematical relationships and design.

Stanís more recent works, on wood with acrylic paints, are cleverly constructed with magnets. The magnets permit the viewer to move around the shapes and colors to create new designs and patterns, the options are virtually limitless.

Mr. Slutsky does not limit himself to a standard rectangular background, but instead, will also use spherical or triangular forms on which to work his magic.  Each piece is perfectly measured, balanced and executed.  The more one studies each work of Stan Slutskyís, the more one stands in awe of his complete mastery of his material and design and the infinite possibilities of his imagination.

Each artwork has a number as part of the title.  The number represents the actual position the work holds in Mr. Slutskyís lifetime of creativity.