Shawn Duff Stephens

Shawn Duff Stephens
Born 1961 BirthNew York City, USA.
Lives and works in HomeTampa, Florida, USA.

Shawn is a child of the arts who was born in New York City.  His father was a painter and his mother was an actress, singer and a dancer.  As a child in the early 60’s of New York he grew up surrounded by art and music.

He eventually moved to Miami, Florida and received an AA degree in Commercial Art from the National Education Center of Tampa.  In 1994 Shawn reconnected with his father, Will Stephen, and that event changed his life forever.  The reunion was the turning point of Shawn’s life as a man and an artist.  He then understood that he too was born to paint, and his own renaissance began.

In 2000 Shawn built an art studio at his home and began to paint oil on panel and canvas, preferring to work on large abstract expressionist pieces.

After his father’s transcendence in 2001, and inspired by his father’s prolific artistic output, Shawn continues to explore his abilities in oil. 

In addition to his list of talents, he designs and builds Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

*Laguna Beach Art Walk July 3rd, 2008
Diane Debilzan Gallery, 224 Forest Ave.
Featuring artists William Debilzan, Stephen     Gamson, Shawn Stephens and David Benegas.

*William Debilzan Gallery, Santa Fe New Mexico
Work currently on display

*Kotler Art Gallery, Tampa Florida
Solo show "Abstracts of the Mind" February 2007

*Gold Dragon Gallery, Tampa Florida
Solo show January 2005

Miami dealer representative, Stephen Gamson