Scott Tyler

Scott Tyler
Born 1972 BirthVilas, North Carolina, United States of America.
Lives and works in HomeCalifornia, United States of America.

In daily life many of us are surrounded and overwhelmed by extremely complex demands.  Whether these are self imposed or products of the external environment, it is easy to forget the control we have over ourselves and our mental state. 

In my art I attempt to reveal the calm within the chaos. The effortless movement of carefully balanced steel, spurred on by the often turbulent and non-uniform forces of the air element, serves as a reminder that no matter what energies are acting upon us externally, peace and integrity can be maintained by nurturing inner balance.  As I create each piece I attempt to allow unspoken personal meditations to flow into the work.  It is my hope that the observer will be reconnected to their own center and experience a heightened state of awareness and peace.  I hope the work inspires the cultivation of personal strength and resolve and encourages the observer to more easily know and follow their own path.

These kinetic sculptures have been created using steel, rock and stainless steel as mediums.  The pieces are cantilevered and carefully balanced.  This allows for heavier pieces to move slowly and gracefully when touched by the slightest breeze.  This also allows for slow and graceful movement even in heavier winds.  The use of non-parallel axis configurations enables the artwork to respond to wind from any direction, whether it is placed at the top of a hill with winds moving up or even between buildings with winds pushing downward.