Roberto Salazar

Roberto Salazar
Born 1974
Lives and works in HomeBrighton, UK.

My work is exclusively digital.  My tools are a PC, graphics tablet, digital SLR camera and a scanner.  I am entirely self-taught although I would have doubtless benefited from a mentor in the mould of Baloo the Bear or Gandalf.

How to describe it? For starters we have hand-juggled, imported Modern cutlets, phone-voted in cave-matured Contemporary custard; chaperoned in seasonally-harvested Pixelated Reduction.

To follow we have cavity infused Abstract Ravioli see-sawing on Rule Britannia Urban Peppercorn, sleeping late on breast-fed Humanist gravy.

To finish we have hobo-tramped Allegory lost in a wild wood of Mythical truffles, relocated to an Aesthetically pleasing mousseline imprisoned in a pastry cage, as worn by Kevin Costner in ‘Dances With Wolves.’