Reid Bricker

Reid Bricker
Born 1982 BirthWinnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
Lives and works in HomeWinnipeg, Canada.

        Artist Statement

Reid Bricker was born in Winnipeg Manitoba in 1982. Reid studied fine arts for over a decade covering numerous mediums and styles of art. Some of these styles include Graffiti, Carving, Sculpting, and Graphic art. The mediums Reid applies to those and other such forms of art include but also exceed: Oil, Charcoal, Ink/Pen, Pencil, shell, & stone. Graduating in 2001, Reid was accepted to U of M in Arts and Architecture. Over the years he has been recognized by the arts community. The WAG, Artstravaganza 01, “Young Artists on the Avenue”, MCC’s annual spring exhibition, and Canadian Prairie Carving Championship to name a few. Reid is a member of MISA Inc. a sculpting Co-op in the exchange district of downtown Winnipeg where he is now the acting treasurer.

Some years prior to sculpting, Reid focused on incorporating his strengths with mediums and movement’s/style’s that best suited his own outlook. He began to incorporate Surrealism, graphic art and also considered the use of line, shading, depth perception and 3D space. Reid then used these concepts in his graffiti styled works, at which he became increasingly able. Once advised that he would do well in architecture, Reid took first year courses in Architecture and Environmental Design at U of M. He did well but found that it was not for him. Taking “Math in Arts” at the university though, broadened Reid’s graphic style and now accompanies the discipline’s he currently works in. Reid studied art history from (Prehistory) 9000bce to 2000ce, and many acknowledged Artists and Architects in greater depths.

Reid‘s introduction to sculpture transpired at “Artstravaganza” in /01, where he sculpted in Quebec soapstone under the tutelage of Katharina Stieffenhofer (BFA, U of M). It was then that he realized his preference for sculpture in the three dimensional deductive method Katharina was demonstrating.

For 3 years Reid sculpted under his own guidance. Searching for studio space Reid by chance met up with his former teacher Jean Bachynsky. Mrs. Bachynsky who had also found herself immersed in stone sculpture told Reid about the Manitoba Institute of Sculptors and Artists Inc. Happily, Reid has been sculpting there ever since under the guidance of some of the city’s best and most accomplished stone sculptors and carvers. After 8 years of working with stone now, Reid feels that he’s finally getting started.


Medium (Type):
Paint (Oil, Acrylic, Latex & Watercolor)
Pencil (Charcoal, Crayon, Graphite & Watercolor)
Metal (Steel, Aluminum…)
Mixed Media (Electronic)
Shell (Abalone, Mother of Pearl…)
Rock (Alabaster, Chlorite, Granite, Marble, Soapstone & etc.)
Wood (Balsa, Birch, Ply, Particle, MDF, Oak & etc.)

Style (Form):
Architectural (Environmental Design – Ergonomics)
De Stijl
Formalism – Modernism
Impressionism – Post Impressionism
Realism – Naturalism

Technique (Method):
Carve (Assemblage, Hollow carving, Mark, Mortise – Kerf, Sculpture, Statue, Subtractive, 3D Deduction & etc.)
Draw (Blending, Continual line, Contour line, Figures, Gestures, Perspective, Primary and Secondary Line, Shade, Sketch, Studies & etc.)
Hatch – Cross Hatch
Paint (Abbozzo, Alla Prima, Impasto, Over Painting, Scruffing, & Sfumato.) 

Trades (Work):   
2007/08 Advance: home electronics installation
2005/06 Wall Design: Int. Ext. & Commercial Painting.
2005 College-Pro: Ext. Int. painting.
2005 Flooring.
2004 College-Pro: Exterior painting.
2004 Urban Green Team: Landscaping.
2000 G. W. Builders & CO. LTD: Window installation and extraction.
2000 Man about the House: General construction.

Trades (Skill):   
General Construction (Home Reno & etc)
Miscellaneous Fabrications (Audio/lighting Wall Hanging) installation

Affiliate/Membership (current and past):
Member/Affiliate: MISA inc. (Manitoba Institute of Sculptors and Artist’s Inc.)
Member: Artists Emporium
Member: Carfac
Member/Affiliate: Artists in
Member/Affiliate: World Artist
Member/Affiliate: Art
Member/Affiliate: The
Affiliate: Red Wolfe
Own: Simplecity Works
Member/Affiliate: MCC (past vice president of Manitoba craft council)
Affiliate: Craftspace Gallery (past representation)
Affiliate: Augusta Tree Gallery (past representation)