Ralf Heynen

Ralf Heynen
Born 1978 BirthTegelen, The Netherlands.
Lives and works in HomeNijmegen, The Netherlands.

I have always been interested in old and worn buildings. In the refined details of Indian haveli’s and rajput palaces One can still experience the splendid lifestyle of the former elite. The walls and archways are the silent narrators of stories of love and loss.

Armenian monasteries on the other hand, where lives of worship have been lived in modesty for centuries, breathe a different atmosphere. Buildings made just as solid as the surrounding landscape. Still standing strong after many earthquakes. Divine light shines through the small windows and doors.

I have also developed a classical style of portraiture. I like to depict people the way they are. Pureness in a portait shows the true nature of a person. Therefore I prefer to see my models in person before painting portraits on commission.

Exhibitions (a selection):


September 2003: Collegezalencomplex, University of Nijmegen

November 2004 – April 2005: Stadsschouwburg Eindhoven

December 2005: Kasteeltuinen Arcen

Group exhibitions:

May – June 2004: Gallery de Kunstetages, Panningen

September 2004: en nu kunst!, Woerden

June 2005: Het zuidelijk realisme, Ubbergen

June – August 2006: Het zuidelijk realisme II, Ubbergen

October 2006: Rembrandt in Brabant, Galerie Donkersvoort, Beek en Donk


Various portraits for other painters, writers, musicians and managers.