RJ Blanchette

RJ Blanchette
Born 1961
Lives and works in HomeEcublens, Switzerland.

Artistic training was presented as part of his formal schooling including specific courses at Boston University. This combined with his recent self-study of drawing with graphite and charcoal has been the basis for his creations.

Born in Worcester Massachusetts in 1961 . Robert moved to Switzerland in 1991 where he lives with his wife and their two children.

Artist Statement
"My art communicates my emotion at the time of choosing the subject to draw. The gray scales achieved when drawing with graphite and charcoal are an ideal medium for visually expressing what I feel about a specific subject. Although the genre of my work is realistic, imitating reality is not the primary goal. I want a viewer of my work to get something out of viewing it. I want to stir some sort of memory, emotion or feeling. When the viewer identifies with a work of art then the art is a success."