Paul Matthews

Paul Matthews
Born 1986 BirthNewport, Wales.
Lives and works in HomeNewport (Currently), Wales.


Born: 22/01/1986

Hometown: Newport, South Wales – U.K

Studied: BTEC National Diploma in Fine Art – Crosskeys College – Wales. 2002-2004                        
BaHons Degree Fine Art – University of Plymouth, Exeter Campus – England. 2004-2007

Paul Matthews Artist Statement:

This work I have produced consists of imagined self portraits which are set in the future. Although rather pessimistic, they are not totally devoid of humour. My work is an anxious, yet comical look at the possibilities of failings in later life and can be viewed as a reaction to the status of the art student as perceived by the public. Blank stares and comments such as ‘What are you going to do after that’ fuels my work and enables me to poke fun at the shallow, small town perception of art in the 21st Century. There are references to my home town of Newport for example.

I am interested in mixing newer technologies in my work with more traditional methods such as drawing. The original drawing starts off as an unconscious image of the face. I often reference from photographs of myself. Drawing part of the image without looking at the paper breaks down barriers of realist and creates a form of escapism. The relationship between drawing and computer play a vital role in my work. After the original image is drawn onto A3 paper I scan the image into my computer. I edit the drawing by adding photographs and textures via Photoshop before printing the image out onto A4 coloured card. I then draw over the top of the lines again to make the image a drawing once again. The final stage in the process is scanning the image back into the computer and then printing them out onto a much larger scale.

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