Paul Holbrecht

Paul Holbrecht
Born 1964 BirthDendermonde, Belgium.
Lives and works in HomeZottegem, Belgium.

Born on 02/06/1964 at Dendermonde, East-Flanders,

Already as a child, as far as my earliest memories reach, I’ve always been fascinated by everything that has something to do with creativity.

During my course of life I have tried almost every form of art: from drawing in pencil, pen-drawing in ink, designing posters and T-shirts, painting
on several types of surfaces to decorative drawing, letter drawing, drawing
invitations, birthcards and visiting-cards, engraving glass and stone, tattooing
and designing tattoos, woodcutting and stonecutting.

During all this time, there was brewing a certain predilection for the tangibility, the authenticity and unique look of statues and reliefs, more definite for sculptures in stone.
Miraculous and awe-inspiring I found/find all those mysterious stone statues from the antiquities, which after hundreds, thousands of years of fighting the elements and occurences, still give us an image on the creations of our
ancester-artists and craftsmen, who provided the styles and sights of our whole history.

For me it’s the ultimate challenge to create original and unique artwork out of a block of stone. It’s some kind of magic how every piece of rock contains its own "biggest possible" sculpture inside, you ‘just’ have to remove the rest of the stone which you don’t need for your sculpture!
From all the other diciplines in art I tried and practiced in my life, I guess sculpting stone is the most physically hard labour I’ve ever done. Therefore it’s important to practice it every possible day.