Olga Kost

Olga Kost
Born 1950
Lives and works in HomeCracow, Poland.

She was born in 1950 in Russia. Since1950 until 1991 she has lived in Kiev.

1950 – 1973 – happy childhood, schooling in mathematic liceum, musical school.

1967 – 1973 – study in the Academy of Architecture and Art in Kiev. Until 1991 she worked as an architect.

At present she lives and works in Cracow (Poland).

"I was found of painting since early childhood, but it was only entertainment for pleasure. I have interested in painting seriously after 40 years old. I have always wanted to open something new for myself.

The year of 1991 opened the new possibilities for me. I have used it and went to see the world. I have traveled a lot since then and it helped me to find my own world of Art, my own way in painting. I saw the world from the different sights. I can not understand and admit lots of things and I can’t change them. But when I paint I can create my own world which I like.

I began to paint with obstinacy and effort. It became the sense of my whole life. When I paint I leave behind the world with its troubles and problems. I stay alone face to face with the canvas, paints and ideas. I fly away from the reality and stay in my own world full of colors and joy. I always try to put some elements of childish purity and naivety in my pictures to make them universal – clear for everyone without paying attention to age, education or nationality.

My houses, streets and small towns are just the symbols of happy life in peace and love. I can’t stand the aggression and I paint probably for one purpose – to make people smile, looking at my paintings.

The aim of my paintings is also leave some sign of mine in this world. The pictures spread over the whole Earth and it is a great pleasure for me. I like to paint and I do it for you – you just break into a smile."
                                                                              Olga Kost