Martha Carvalho

Martha Carvalho
Born 1960 BirthRio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Lives and works in HomeRio de Janeiro , Brazil.

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the great painter Martha Carvalho started her successful career right after attending the Rio de Janeiro Architecture University.
After graduating she had the opportunity to develop her professional activities collaborating with the over world famous architects Sérgio Rodrigues and Sérgio Bernardes who commented that she could be considered our representative of the Planet Earth who could take our imagination away from it towards the cosmos.

Now she presents in the Colorida Art Gallery, in Lisbon, Portugal, the exhibition "Changing Feelings".

Martha’s brushstrokes, full of strength and lightness, give to her paintings a touch of softness where the sensibility of the artist is expressed in the harmonious colors. The forms don’t represent our reality but lines and surfaces where we can see feelings and emotions. We can have different meanings, all of them full of sentiments where the instinct can show us in an enigmatic way,  a scenery and its meaning. The contrast between the forms and the colors gives the tone of the artist’s search for harmony and emotional effusion.