Mark K. Moffett

Mark K. Moffett
Born 1956 BirthNew York, USA.
Lives and works in HomeChatham, NY, USA.

    Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY.
    Reed College, Portland. OR.
    2006 The CCCA Gallery, Hudson, NY. Chatham Artists. Painting.
    2005 The Summit Gallery, Chatham, NY. New Bonaire Studies.                 
    2004 Weber Fine Art, Chatham, NY. Manhattan Transfer, curated by John Weber. Margin Drawings.
    2003 Weber Fine Art, Chatham, NY. Monoprints, Margin Drawings.
    2003 The Summit Gallery, Chatham, NY. Bonaire Studies.
    2001 SPACE 36, Chatham, NY. Paintings, sculpture, monoprints and collage.
    1998 Chateau Ape, Albany, NY. Window, video premiere.
    1995 The Music Hall, RPI, Troy, NY. Wagner in Wyoming (A Disposable Epic), video premiere.
    1994 The Kitchen, NY, NY; Bennington College, Bennington, VT; The College of Saint Rose, Albany, NY. Theatrical production of Anthony Braxton’s Composition #174, conducted by David Allen Miller with the Albany Symphony Orchestra for the Dogs of Desire project. Live and prepared video performance in collaboration with Lesley Wahl and Anthony Braxton.
    1994 iEAR Studios, Darrin Communications Center, RPI, Troy, NY. Tropical Ape, video premiere.
    1993 Sage Hall, College of Saint Rose, Albany NY. Immediate Music, collaboration with Paul Verhey.
    1993 Albany Center Galleries, Albany, NY. Painting, sculpture, collage and drawing.
    1991 Albany Repertory Theatre Gallery, Albany, NY. Paintings.
    1989 Janet Kinghorn Bernhard Gallery, Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY. Paintings.
    1987 Lambert Nebel Gallery, Saratoga Springs, NY. Paintings.
    1986 The Christine Price Gallery, Castleton College, VT. Color-ink drawings (Chess Series).
    1986 Catamount Film & Arts Gallery, St. Johnsbury, VT. Paintings.
    1986 The Christine Price Gallery, Castleton College, VT. Paintings and monoprints.     
    1980 The FOB Gallery, Reed College, Portland, OR. Paintings and drawings. 

  2006   Sous Les Pavés, 27 minutes.
  1998   Window, 20 minutes.
  1995   Wagner in Wyoming (A Disposable Epic), 110 minutes.
  1995   An Evening with Zena Perkins and Elliot Sharp, 56 minutes.
  1994     Tropical Ape, 17 minutes.
  1993     TB Dawn, 21 minutes.

    2007     Demitasse Reload
    2005     Dividing Iris
    2005     Bise Mortu
    2004     Passerelle
    2003     Little Horse
    2001     Distance
    2000     Whatworld            
    1997     The Lather Dolls
    1996     Several Cities
    1995     Wagner in Wyoming
    1993     Sleep
    1991     Triscuit
    1989     The Two Months of August
    1986     While You Were Out
    1985     Etch-a-Sketch
    1982     If The Shadow Fits, Wear it
    1978     Schtünk, at the Rue Gibelin