Mahsa Eslamieh Schupp

Mahsa Eslamieh Schupp
Born 1971 BirthTehran, Iran.
Lives and works in HomeBreckenridge, Colorado, United States of America.

Artistís statement

I was born and raised in Iran, Land of contradictions where deserts and forests are a few miles apart; Land of snow covered mountains and green valleys where palm trees and apple trees grow a few miles away from one another.The extraordinary geographical and historical condition has deeply influenced my culture and traditions.

Our traditions and ceremonies are fulfilled with an amazing essence of imaginations and symbolism; which is visible in our literature, art and handicrafts and of course our Folklore.

This is my inheritance and a part of my life.

I’ve always been facinated by motives in persian rugs,traditional tiles and our(Iranian) fairy tales as a kid. And as a studend and then as an artist I researched about folk stories and symbolism in them.

My art works are mainly based on fairy tales and folk stories, specially persian tales.

My works are vary from sewing small pieces of fabrics, beads, buttons and ribbons to portraits and fantasy winmsical landscapes.