Lukas de Saint-Clair

Lukas de Saint-Clair
Born 1963
Lives and works in HomeKentucky, USA.

Solo Exhibitions
Süd-Ost Europa-Kulturzentrum, Berlin, Germany
Galerie Ophelia, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Bürotel Galerie Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin, Germany
Haus der Kultur der Welt, Berlin, Germany
Lawrence Mark Gallery, New York City
North Carolina School of the Arts Library, Winston-Salem, NC
Alban Eiler Contemporary Art, Winston-Salem, NC
SE Missouri State University Museum, Cape Girardeau, MO
Virginia Arts Council, Piedmont Arts Center, Martinsville, VA
Piedmont Trust Bank, Martinsville, VA

Group Exhibitions
Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art, Winston-Salem, NC
Galerie St.Avid, Cape Girardeau, MO
ArtWorks Gallery, Winston-Salem, NC

Juried Exhibitions
Henley Southeastern Spectrum, Winston-Salem, NC
Foot of the Hills Art Show, Martinsville, VA

Maître Honorifique des Arts Comtemporains, Neue Reiter
Bachelor of Fine Arts, Almeda College

Studio Assistant, Grant Lund, Cape Girardeau, MO, 1990-1992

Maître Honorifique des Arts Comtemporains, Neue Reiter. 2005
2008 Ron Billings Emerging Artist Award

Lukas de Saint-Clair
Artist Statement

Contrary to the popular, the term ‘contemporary’ should in no way offer description as to the method paint was applied to canvas.  The term ‘contemporary’ simply means in the here and now.  ‘Expressionism’ is the artistic emotive expressing of subjective emotions and reactions of the artists to a life event or life itself.  Contemporary Expressionism means quite literally, an artistic method in which an artist artistically expresses that which the artist is feeling in the here and now.

Art is about living, breathing and experiencing the planet then sharing our point of view with others via artistic expression.  It is a vital part of human existance where we are able to learn from our past to further advance our future.

As a professional visual artist, I profess to embrace my talents fully, yet it is passion that drives them.  Drawing on everyday steps on the path of life I create a visual roadmap to survival that others may follow to overcome adversity and find meaning in breath in a contemporary world of change and evolution. 

As a Contemporary Expressionist, I believe personal expression gives method to universal communication.  It is my goal to understand my subjects as a human being and feel the individual personality to produce works of visual art that not only document the beauty of existence, but works that also speak with universal human appeal.  It is about humanity and that which enhances our albeit brief existence on the earth which gives cause for this artist to create.