Konstantin Dimopoulos

Konstantin Dimopoulos
Born 1954 BirthPort Said, Egypt.
Lives and works in HomeMelbourne, Australia.

Upon completing his Arts degree at Victoria University, Wellington, Dimopoulos travelled to London, continuing his studies at the Chelsea School of Art. Returning to Wellington three years later he began exhibiting work in private and public galleries.

In the 1990s Dimopoulos began to explore movement through the medium of sculpture. In 2001 he created Pacific Grass the first wind sculpture commissioned by the Wellington Sculpture Trust, sponsored by Meridian Energy and gifted to the City of Wellington.

Dimopoulos moved with his family to Melbourne in early 2003 and over the last few years he has created some ambitious and recognizable works.

Colour, line and movement are elements that are strongly associated with Dimopoulos sculptures. Geometric forms, optical dynamics and the linear relationship to space bring viewers to a close relationship with his sculptures.

I am trying to achieve in these works an immediacy. I hope to evoke a sense of reverence through a mirage of colour and form. I am searching for a spiritual response from the viewer.

His distinctive works can be found in private and public collections in Australia and New Zealand, and in late 2007 he will install a public sculpture in California, USA.