Jorge Briceno

Jorge Briceno
Born 1958 BirthVenezuela, Caracas.
Lives and works in HomeEstudio artejbc, Isla de Margarita.

Birth place Caracas, Venezuela.
Visula arts.
Studies, Federal school of Rio de Janeiro, Visual arts workshop in Santiago de Chile,Bachelor’s degree in education. Simon Rodriguez university, Caracas. Engraving research, National school of arts "San Carlos" at he UNAM(National autonomous university of Mexico.
To reflect upon the work of the Venezuelan artist Jorge Briceno, is something more than making references to the work of a creator. His solid formation as an artist, obtained at importan artistic centers of Latin America art, which roots aim to a magical and mysterious surronding without losing the character of generator of and diverse proposal, in the most innovative and contemporany language. It is precisely in these references to new spaces and methods for reseach and creative refletion. His great knowledge of drawinf techniques, graphic art and paiters, offen a series of works where the ancestral past mixes and overlaps, obtaining through the expertise of the techniques, solid proposal that merge as simbols, new codes and icons taken from origins of man.
Antonio Rodriguez. Caracas 1996.